Crackle Leggings to Flaunt Your Sexy Legs

How to use

The height of fashion in the leggings shelf in any clothing store are the crackle coated leggings that give the soft material a classy as well as stylish worn outlook. It’s pretty popular among young girls, who prefer something tender and comfortable to wear during their everyday life or even at parties. Jazz up your wardrobe with leggings that outline your curves and also give you the comfort you deserve. They come in tons of flirty color combinations and are made of a stretchable fabric.

Uses: Best Ways to Wear Crackle Leggings

There is a large collection of combinations in which these leggings are available. Unlike other leggings, they come with a shiny, glittery design that boasts of a sexy cracked covering. Anything from ocean blue with wavy streaks, to a fragmented turquoise green can now be worn by you. There are so many different combinations you can try out with these leggings such as a backless matt colored crop top over foot length leggings to a casual mini dress along with a shrug and a scarf.


Usually, a crackle printed leggings are comprising of a combination of Nylon, Acetate, and Spandex that gives it the stretchable, comfortable fit that perfectly outlines the structure of anyone wearing it. You can try it out with various styles to suit your different moods and personalities. Well, ladies, we all know that what adds to our beauty is the fact that we all have different body structures. So make sure that you buy the type of fabric, length or design that is perfectly suited for you. Consider the fabric of your leggings while thinking about comfort. It is essential that it is soft and durable at the same time. What comes next is whether it fits you beautifully and comfortably. The one you choose must highlight all your gorgeous curves at the same time as well as making you feel more in tune with your clothing.

Ways to Style: Different Styles

There are a whole plethora of leggings in the market that comes with the crackle design which you can try out. If you are thinking of redecorating your wardrobe with something more modern, stylish and convenient to wear then check out these incredible legging fits.

  • Knee-Length

The perfect thing to wear while dancing at a party, doing yoga or even when going for a jog knee-length leggings with a crackle design is sure to be n eyeball turner during your morning errands.

  • Ankle Length

Very popular during the winter ankle lengths are very commonly worn with high heels and a fur coat. You can also try them out with leather boots and strike up a sassy outdoor outfit.

  • Mid-Calf Length

The proper balance between the ankle length as well as the knee length this type of leggings is most suitable for a tank-top, t-shirt and mini-skirts. The experimental crackle design would surely give you a rich outlook.

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Best Brands

The best brands to look out for when shopping for crackle leggings includes Leatherette, AG Adriano Goldschmied, Faux, Athleta, and Mudd.

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band jacket

band jacket

Becoming Cool: Vintage return of Band jacket

The fashion industry has this tendency to bring back stuff we never thought will make a comeback. You must have seen things from 60’s, or 70’s coming back in fashion with high hopes. Some are accepted easily while others may have to wait for more time. Same goes for Band Jacket. A Band Jacket in simple terms is a ‘cool’ jacket. Too cool to be true! Main characteristics of a Band Jacket is that it has a heavy design in front. This jacket is sure to make you look completely out of the crowd.

How to Use:

A Band Jacket can be used as a formal and informal wear. Wearing for a celebration is apt. Pair it with skirts, pants, or jeans; Band Jackets make your entire look completely distinctive from others.

The Band Jacket is best to wear during the pre-winter season. It is made to look you cool, not to keep you warm. Also, it can be used in summers too, easy enough to pull off.


Bands Jackets can be used almost on every occasion. You don’t need permission to look cool, do you? This Jacket is not a heavy piece and can easily be carried around. So it is safe to say that you can easily wear it daily.

Whichever jacket you choose to buy; it must be matching with the place where you will wear it for. A heavily embroidered jacket cannot be used as office formals. Whereas, a lighter version will look quite off in a party.


The Band Jacket stands out from one key point: its front design. Heavy, quirky, and colorful. These jackets are made from velvet, leather and many other clothing materials.

The jacket is available in different sizes. The jacket can reach till waist or more of a cropped one, or a medium length somewhere lying around the stomach.

Ways to Style:

Band Jackets is a garment which can be worn over any and everything. There are numerous ways for you to style it up and spice up your look. Accessorize the look with easy earrings and comfortable footwear. Boots, high heels, gladiators, or sneakers everything goes well with the jacket when teamed up with the entire look.

  • Jacket with a leather pant

Wear a black jacket with a colored leather pant.

  • Above a graphic tee

Wear a jacket above a graphic tee for a chic look.

  • Wear above shorts

Wear a denim Band Jacket above shorts for a more relaxed look.

  • With a maxi skirt

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Going out with friends for shopping or a movie date tonight? A Band Jacket with a maxi skirt is all you need to fire up the environment.


Band Jackets initially were only available at vintage shops before becoming a trendsetter. You have to really work hard and look around old shops to get your hands on this fantastic piece. But now, thanks to Fashion police, band jackets have been easily available in new avatar at big brands.

One of the biggest brands where you can buy it is Zara.

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India feminism 2017

India feminism 2017

India Feminism 2017.

While I was traveling through the city of Mumbai, I was new to the country, recently arrived from London!
What I knew was that my life is going to completely change and in perspective I would learn a lot about the country India and also about myself.

Moving through the gruelling corridors of Mumbai, and trying to learn the local language, I felt quite comfortable hovering around.

What I knew was that I am going to enjoy my life and probably learn something about myself too.

The heat of Mumbai could not stop my passion and I travelled to every nook and corner of the city in one month.

Indian men had a problem, that is what all my folks told me in London.

Be safe, they said.

Do not let them come near you, they said.

Inform everyone when you leave the house they said.

True that, but what I found was that there are both good and bad men in the Indian society.
As true for all societies in the world.

India will take time to catch up with the west. As do west will take time to catch up with India.
What we should remember is that India stayed in foreign occupation for long.

There was no education and people died of hunger.

A man learns discipline from education and there are many women oriented websites like that are telling the Indian women to ask for rights from the public.

Indian women are demanding for rights and Indian men are trying to resist them.

Many are questioning their right for equal pay, many are questioning their rights for maternity leave.

An India stands on the edge of change. A change that in time, will happen, as nobody can stop Indian women the right that they truly deserve.

Historically, women have been treated as goddesses in India.
They are said to have more power than their male counterparts.

Somewhere down the history point, they lost the battle.
Many say the result is because of Muslim invaders.

It has been learnt that people of the land tried to protect their woman, thus started the practice of restricting them.

Well, I for one is enjoying this change in history.

As they say, let the games begin.

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