Hi everyone,

I am Mischa. And this is Mischas Place.  :p
I have recently moved to India and I LOVE staying here.
My life changed when I came on a short visit to India and travelled the country.
This was a life changing experience for me and I decided to stay here for the rest of my life.
Part of the experience was taking slum kids in Mumbai on a day long trip.
I took them out for the whole day and I felt grateful to share the meals with them.
We also went to the beach and I sponsored some T shirts and Hoodies for the kids.
If you are looking for custom t shirts, I would advice you to order from CustomBaba.
They gave me a good discount when I mentioned that the same was for slum kids in Mumbai.

I love eating Pani Puri and in the sweets, Jalebi is my favourite.
I have made my own cocoon, and after a long time I am happy with what I do.

I look forward to write my experiences and this blog would essentially be a fashion blog that would enable me to write about the fashion world in India and abroad.

Welcome to Mischas Palace!

I write about ethical fashion and follow a similar lifestyle. :p
Ethical fashion for me is the need of the hour and even if one person gets converted to buying ethical fashion due to this blog Mischas place, my mission would be fulfilled.

Life is about taking important decisions that would benefit humanity in the end.
The changes that we bring in our lives will not impact us today, but will impact our kids.

What we wear today will impact our future generations. And it is our responsibility that they have a great future ahead.

Also, I gave up on all meat products and plan to switch off milk and dairy products too.
Probably you will read a lot on the same at Mischa’s place.

Mischas Place

I am not there yet, as I am addicted to tea but we will get there soon. 🙂

Coming to my family, I have a loving family in London.
My family consists of my pet dog and my mom and dad.

I sent them some Indian tea, cashews and some hoodies.
I found out that custom hoodies in India are way cheaper than the counterparts in the UK. <3

Fashion life:

I took a leap in fashion after college when ramps and fashion business processes starting interesting me.

I love love love Zara.

The best part about Zara is that its business model seems to be unstoppable. With more than 5000 stores, and a lot of in house production, they are able to maintain quality and bring out runway dresses at a rate faster than my dog eats his food!

And mind you he is really hungry always and eats like, well, a dog. 😐

I wonder if there would be a brand that would be able to stop their journey.
A brand that would help achieve sustainable production and designs.

I am studying supply chains too. Supply chain is an integral part of the fashion industry and I aim to take a job here soon, probably in some fashion house as a supply chain manager. Not sure if that is a very cool job, but it would be enough for me to put my expenses off the table.

I also aim to care for some of the kids that I met that day. This is what hold me back and I hope I am able to earn enough money to support them financially soon. More I work, more I will earn.

But, I also need to earn smart and not just believe that hard work will give a lot of success.

Smart money is good money. something we at Mischas place will try to remember.   🙂
We will also talk about Feminism and other topics that would concern us.

I believe money is not everything. But we also need to remember that it is easy to say that as we have food on the table and resources at our disposal.

I think that is enough for the first post.

I hope I am able to do justice to the blog and the people who trust on me.

Thank you to the people who supported me, you know how you are and thus I am not mentioning your names.

Sending a lot of love to all. Muah. <3 <3 <3

India feminism 2017

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India feminism 2017

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