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Cheat Sheet for Having an Aromatic Smooth Skin!


Do you often get mesmerized by the smell of a passerby and wonder why you don’t smell the same? Bathing, particularly use of soap, or shower gel fades out within 2-3 hours. Then what is the secret to smelling like a newly plucked flower? Well, it is not as hard as it seems to be.

Body Bath Lotions is your answer!

Body bath lotions not only smells amazing but also provide the adequate amount of hydration and moisture to your skin keeping it subtle and healthy. This liquid blend of skin-friendly chemicals and tantalizing aroma emanates not only blooming skin but also provides pleasurable texture and smell for long hours.

Things to know before buying a body bath lotion:

Smelling right and having a healthy skin not only increases your confidence but also proves to be beneficial in long-term. Usage of body lotion is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to pamper yourself! Here is a mini guide to all things lotion:

How to use

Body Bath Lotions are used just after having a bath. Apply generously and rub till your skin completely absorbs the entire lotion. Wait for few minutes before putting on clothes to help settle the moisture in the skin and not on the clothes.

Uses and benefits:

Body Lotions are used to prevent dry skin, itchiness, skin roughness, etc. The main purpose of using body lotion is to provide moisture to your skin. It is also used as a way of prescribed medicine during any skin allergy.

What is a body bath lotion?

A Body Bath Lotion is mainly made up of water, glycerin, mineral oil, and substances from natural things. It works by forming an oily layer on top of the skin to keep the moisture/water trapped in the skin.

Types of Body Bath Lotion

The Bath Lotion industry brings out some worthy and innovative product now and then. Broadly, lotions are available in 4 types:

Skin types: Oily, Dry, Combination, and Normal. It is best to use a product which is exact or closer to your skin type.


Time-oriented: You will see a lot of products claiming to be a fit for intensive day care or night care. Essentially, the difference between them is the heaviness of texture.

Flavor: Body lotions are available in eat worthy flavors such as vanilla, roses, cocoa, or healthier stuff like a mixture of aloe vera, oats, and essential oils.

Issue-oriented: You will come across products specializing in skin whitening, ultra-skin repair, and extreme dryness care. You can check these out if you want to address a particular skin problem.

You can always check for more updates

Brands to check out for:

There are various brands available to buy delightful lotions. If you are short on cash and wants something super affordable, then Nivea, Himalaya, Dove, Ponds, and Vaseline are your muses. If you are ready to splurge, then buy The Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, and The Body Shop.

If you are a son of or self-made Richie rich, go ahead and buy whatever you want.

Don’t wait to decide. Take a step now towards simple yet elegant self-care!


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