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Makeup Kit 101: Putting Layers Of Cosmetic Creativity

You may say you don’t like makeup, but somewhere down the line, you must be having at least one cosmetic in your bag. Cosmetics have been playing a huge role, not only in enhancing personal appearance but also in theaters, movies, etc.

Let’s try to learn about Cosmetics in general.

How to Use:

Cosmetics are used in different ways. Each cosmetic has different uses and ways to apply. Lipstick, for example, is used on the lips after filling with lip liner. Foundation is what we use before starting the makeup process. Eyeshadow is used to enhance the appearance of the eyes and to make them look dramatic.

While applying makeup, you should try to use the best available tool(s). One of the most used tools is a makeup brush. Available in varied sizes, makeup brush eases the application of any cosmetic and gives a professional and pro end.

Uses: Why do you need cosmetics?

Cosmetics are used in day to day life for varied reasons. It is one of the best and pocket-friendly way to enhance your appearance which alternatively boosts your confidence and personality. Cosmetics are heavily used in theatres, dance performances, movies, parties, etc.

In any direct application, uses of cosmetics play a major contribution to speak a part of your personality or character.

Do you like to use perfumes? If yes, why? A fragrance helps to keep our body odor refreshing, saving us from embarrassing smelly situations, and convening our mood to the world. Perfumes are applied in small bits on your arms, near neck and shoulder, and mainly on clothes whereas a deodorant is directly applied to the body.

Properties: What is in your cosmetics?

Cosmetics are generally made from chemicals and animal remains. For example, lipsticks are made with fish oils. Addition of artificial colors made in a lab is the key step in makeup production.

Are you not in favor of using harsh chemicals on your skin?

Worry not! The market for natural and chemical free cosmetics has grown up 20times larger in past decade. These cosmetics are madeby keeping nature cruelty free. They are also more skin friendly but a little heavier on your wallet.

Ways to Style:

The worst part about cosmetics is, its unruly application will ruin your entire look. Do you also feel like why is this eyeliner not so straight? Or why does this makeup looks so off?

It is best to learn the tips and tricks to use various products, or you are sure shot one step away to look funny! Few tricks you should always remember are as follows:

  • Minimalism is the best thing to follow. Do not apply heavy makeup or use excessive perfume.
  • Match it with your entire look. Are you wearing light color clothes? Then keep your makeup light. However you love it, don’t use a heavy shade of lipstick if it just doesn’t match your entire look.
  • Blend. Blend, Blend. When you feel everything has been done, the last step is still to be followed. Take a brush and blend it all.

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