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Multifunctional Bowler Bags


How to use

Bowler bags are made by the Europeans which are finished with proper detailing and signature hardware.

  • These are specially designed for women to be hand-held or worn on their shoulder just like the shoulder bags. In other words, bowler bag is a proper marriage between form and function.
  • The size may vary, but these days bowling bags are so much easier to carry which makes bowling a lot easier for us. If you have your bowling ball, these bags make it so much easier for you to carry them around and have fun.



There are several kinds of bowler bags. Each bowler bag is different and is used for different purposes. The main use of this bag was to make it easier for the bowlers to carry bowling balls around.

  • The Tote bowling bag:  These bags could carry one or two bowling bags at a time, and they came with a strap so that one could wear it over their shoulders. They were provided with handles as well so that you could carry them in your hand with a side compartment for storing bowling shoes and other accessories. These were popular in the late 1970’s and the1980’s.
  • The roller bowling bags were popular during the late 1980’s and early 1990 are as well. This type of bags was usually used during tournaments, and the best part about these bags is that they came up with wheels and you could easily slide it instead of carrying, and it made it so much easier for bowlers. These monster bags could carry around six balls at a time and had side compartments for the bowling shoes and other accessories just like the tote bowling bags.




Bowler bag is used for carrying bowling balls and accessories. They were made of leather, sometimes with a canvas like materials that could be stretched. They often come with wheels on them so that it’s easier to carry them around.


Ways to style your bowler bag


You can style your bag in several ways. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

  • You can style your bowling bags according to your personality. It all depends on the materials in your bag.
  • If it is a leather bag, then it is more for the edgy people. If you are using a bag which is made up of a light material, it is more for the day look.

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Best brands for bowler bags

You need to research before buying a bowler bag thoroughly. Always buy a bag based on the quality, material, and durability of the bag. There are a few good brands when it comes to bowler bags.

  • Pyramid path deluxe rolling bowler bags are a good option and is ranked as one of the most durable bags in the year 2017.
  • BSI 3200 Double ball rolling bag is also a super stylish bowling bag which is good and efficient. It protects your ball from severe damage.
  • Kaze sports two ball rolling bag is what you should go for if you want a lot of room for your ball.


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