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Ladies Purse- The Most Usable Pouch

The Ladies Purse is a highly demanded accessory item that has become a necessity since the early 80’s. It is a small handheld bag that is used both for day-to-day usage as well as for highly fashionable occasions. We all know how it has become a compulsion for every woman to have one of these as it is not only useful to use but also adds to your overall appearance.

How to Use

Ladies Purses are now available in so many different versions and styles. There is the hand held purse which is mostly commonly used. There is the cross body purse and the large ladies bag which are both suspended from the shoulder till the hip on one side. There is also a type of purse known as the clutch which is also handheld and is big enough to even fit in your laptop or tab.


The primary use for which a lady’s purse was designed to do was to be a handy tool to carry stuff around in. Although this particular feature is common in all purses but, depending on the size and design you can do many other stuffs like carry Band-Aids or a mini first aid kit. You can pack almost your entire make up items from your mascara to lipstick. If your purse is big enough then you can also pack in larger items like your tab or phone.


Ladies purses can come in different properties – from cotton to linen to leather to velvet to suede, it can often be hard to choose your favorite pick. Many come with adjustable straps while others come without straps. Numerous purses have pockets whereas others come with popular embellishments like stud, spikes, crystals, fringe, sequins, embroidery, gemstones, beads and special Swarosvki crystals. There can be closures, zippers, magnets besides loop and button designs. Clutch Purses easily fit within a woman’s hand and usually come without a strap of any kind. Embellishments make them a priori for memorable and ravishing events. While choosing ladies purses, it can be a hard task to choose a single one.

Different Ways to Style:

For many women, purses are prized possessions and they have their closets lined up with purses of different nature, styles, shapes and sizes. You can knot the corner of a beautiful floral scarf to a single-colored purse. You can tie a single knot or keeping wrapping around the strap or tie two double knots and let the rest hang. This adds an air of elegance to your bag and keeps you looking like the modern fashionista in town. You can also tie on a bandana by the side of your bag – usually a vibrant printed bandana to a black leather or brown purse. Have a purse that contrasts with the color of your dress or let it be color coordinated with your ensemble. You could also dare to use an entirely vibrant and classy color like black to stand out in an all-white ensemble. It all depends on how you carry it!

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Best Brands:

Ladies Purses are a hobby many women like to indulge in and shopping is a pleasure that soothes. So, if you’re wondering where you can get the best ladies purses from. Here are your guesses: Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Calvin klein and Valentino.

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