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Jumping up the closet: the story of Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are the best friend of any women out there. You can wear it at a party, at your daily college, for tuition, at night out or even at your home. A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with or without sleeves and covering for the legs. Jumpsuits, when paired rightly with your body brings out the best of your personality.

How to Use:

Jumpsuits are one of the simplest yet innovative garment to be ever made. Period.

Jumpsuits can be used almost at every occasion. Find a pair which fits your body correctly. Not too tight, but also not loose. A color which you are confident to carry. You can accessorize the jumpsuit with a watch, earrings, and attractive makeup. For footwear, you can almost choose anything you like, sneakers, shoes, boots or simple flip-flops.

Uses: Why do you need a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits are one of that rare thing which suits any occasion and have reappeared in fashion circles year after year.

Originally, jumpsuit was a one-piece garment used by parachuter’s. Aviators or astronauts use insulated fire-resistant jumpsuits. With time jumpsuits has become a fashion garment and has been twisted 360 degrees to suit normal human needs.

Whatever jumpsuit you buy, there is an undisclosed assured tag that it will work and you will love it.


Jumpsuits are made of different materials. Cotton, khadi, or denim are always an ‘in’ thing. Jumpsuits may or may not have sleeves. They almost cover the legs. These days jumpsuits have acquired a trendier look. Backless and low neck are innovative styles to follow.

Few more jumpsuits types available:

  • Military
  • Printed
  • Pure White
  • Denim

Ways to Style:

Styling a jumpsuit is not tricky. It’s a layman’s job. Here is a step by step guide to style a jumpsuit:

  • Figure out your body type

Firstly, figure out your body type to buy a perfect jumpsuit which not only suits you but enhances your personality. The fitting should be such that the garment is not too tight or too loose on your body.

  • Pick for occasion

What is the occasion that you want to wear this for? If it’s for a party, take a printed or backless/low neck piece. If you want one for daily need, denim or cotton piece with simple design will work fine for you.

  • Accessorize

After the fit and pick come accessorizing your entire garment. A simple watch is all you need for daily wear. For a party, go ahead with neck pieces and trendy earrings. For footwear, heels are not comfortable with daily use. Boots, sneakers or flip-flops work better.

  • Carry and flaunt

Everything is done. Go ahead and carry this amazing piece with full-on attitude and have some swag!

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Looking for places to buy? Jumpsuits are available almost with every woman wear brand. Look at how much you are willing to spend and then try on.

Here are our picks:

Forever21, Zara, StalkBuyLove,

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